How it works: Email your athlete’s name and uniform number to be notified when their photos are available. Be sure to include their name and uniform number.

Who do we cover? We get shots of the team players, band, cheer, fans and more. Have a special request? Email your request two days before the event to john@johntaylorsonphoto.comPrintBanner

Where can I see the photos? All pictures like these are posted online at JohnTaylorsonPhoto.com for free, easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Check back often to find our ever-expanding galleries.

About the Photos: Each image goes through a five-part process: image cropping, basic touch-up, white balance, color-correction and finally, Impact Processing that gives you that magazine-quality image. All my work is meticulously done by hand.

StackBut I want something I can tape to the fridge, frame as a gift, or put in my wallet: Professional-quality prints are available for purchase.  Each image is color-corrected at the lab and printed on heavy, archive paper, designed to last over 100 years in a typical home display without fading.

How much does it cost? Prints start at about the same price as two Venti, Caffe Mocha at Starbucks, but last longer and can be enjoyed for generations; a great way to share with grandparents, and makes showing off your student really easy!


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